Top 5 Celebrity Lips – see who’s on the list

Top 5 Celebrity Lips - lip fillers

Top 5 Celebrity Lips – see who’s on the list

It seems we can’t turn on the television or open up social media without seeing celebrities who have had some type of cosmetic work done. Some are subtle changes that enhance the natural looks of our favourite celebs, while others are quite remarkable changes. Lip fillers are one of the most frequently used cosmetic solutions by celebrities, because they offer a quick way to plump up the lips.

Do you know which celebrity lips aren’t their own? You may have some ideas about a few, but you may just be surprised at some celebrities that are on our list.

Christina Aguilera

We’ve all heard the powerful pipes that Christina Aguilera was gifted with, and have enjoyed many of her chart-topping songs. She’s been spotted sporting enhanced lips several times. The good news is that her full, youthful-looking lips don’t seem to have a negative impact on her ability to belt out some great songs.

Sharon Osbourne

In her book, Sharon Obsbourne has admitted freely that she’s undergone a significant amount of plastic surgery. She also maintains a cosmetic procedure routine that includes wrinkle reducing injections and dermal fillers. Her plumped up lips make it clear that her routine includes lip fillers.

Ellie Goulding

Vocal powerhouse Ellie Goulding is not very vocal when it comes to talking about any cosmetic procedures that she’s had. There’s very little doubt that she’s used dermal fillers to add a pouty look to her lips. Browsing before and after images make it obvious that she’s had her lips enhanced and may have also relied on other cosmetic procedures to maintain her youthful look.

Kylie Jenner

When you think about celebrity lip fillers, there are good odds that Kylie Jenner and her sisters come to mind. The results aren’t typically done in a subtle manner, so it’s quite clear to see that there are dermal fillers and other procedures being done in order to maintain their look. Both Kylie and her sisters have admitted to having overdone it a few times on the fillers at some point in time. The prolific use of lip fillers by the Jenners and Kardashians has been partially responsible for the sharp uptick in the popularity of this low-maintenance cosmetic treatment.

Christie Brinkley

The ageless beauty that is Christie Brinkley has admitted in interviews that she’s needed a bit of help with dermal fillers as a result of the extensive sun exposure she’s had over the years. Sun damage can lead to an increase in fine lines and wrinkles, and can also result in a loss of the youthful volume of the lips. Christie Brinkley’s head turning red carpet looks have often shown her to have visibly full lips.

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