Cosmelan Pigmentation Treatment

Achieve flawless, radiant skin and bid farewell to dark spots with Cosmelan, the leading professional depigmentation solution trusted worldwide.

Strive for the best version of your skin with Cosmelan’s groundbreaking formula, designed to combat all types of pigmentation issues and deliver visible improvements.

What is Cosmelan Pigmentation Treatment?

Cosmelan represents a revolutionary topical treatment that is directly applied to the skin or scalp.

With over 1 million satisfied users globally, its unique formula targets various skin pigmentation issues and phototypes effectively.

The Cosmelan Pigmentation treatment corrects and regulates melanin overproduction, offering noticeable results in a short time while ensuring long-term benefits.

How long does the total treatment take?

Embark on a 7-month journey to rejuvenate your skin with the Cosmelan method.

The process begins with 2-4 weeks of at-home skin preparation, followed by a 30-minute in-clinic Mask treatment.

For the next 6 months, continue the program with at-home product application to maintain optimal results and prevent spot reappearance.

When will I see results?

Experience visible improvements in your skin as early as the first or second week of treatment with the Cosmelan method.

Consistent use of the prescribed products for the following 6 months ensures optimal results and prevents the recurrence of pigmentation spots.

What conditions does Cosmelan treat?

Cosmelan effectively targets various skin conditions, including

  • pigmented birthmarks,
  • chloasma, freckles,
  • hyperpigmentation,
  • melasma,
  • post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation,
  • uneven skin tones,
  • and texture irregularities.

Why choose Cosmelan Pigmentation treatment?

  • World’s #1 Depigmentation Treatment: Trusted by over 1 million patients and endorsed by professionals worldwide.
  • Professional, Non-invasive, Topical Treatment: Effective and pain-free, with minimal discomfort post-treatment.
  • Guaranteed Safety and Clinical Results: Follows strict medical standards, with proven efficacy and dermal safety.
  • Suitable for All Skin Types: Compatible with all skin types and tones, delivering quick results with minimal downtime.
  • Proven Patient Satisfaction: Addresses pigmentation by up to 95% with excellent results seen from the first week.

What other types of pigmentation removal are available at Face and Body Adelaide?

Explore laser pigmentation removal or chemical peels with your registered nurse for personalised pigmentation removal options.

This comprehensive approach to pigmentation treatment ensures that you achieve optimal results while enjoying a comfortable and safe experience.

Contact us today and start to reduce dark spots while revealing more radiant, flawless skin with Cosmelan at Face and Body Adelaide.


First visit preparation peel​​​​:
$750 (2-4 weeks prior to Cosmelan peel )

Second visit depigmentation peel mask​​:
   $750 Cosmelan peel

Third visit complimentary assessment mask & LED​​:
   FREE 2 weeks post Cosmelan peel

Fourth visit complimentary assessment mask & LED:
FREE (3-6 months post Cosmelan peel)

Plan Includes 3-4 months’ worth of taking home products.

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