Lip Fillers Aftercare – 5 Tips for great results

Lip Fillers Aftercare – 5 Tips for great results

Lip fillers can provide a plump, youthful look to lips that may be naturally thin or may have lost some of their natural volume with time. The lip filler procedure is a non-invasive treatment that is generally well-tolerated by men and women alike. As with any type of cosmetic or medical treatment, the type of aftercare you have can have a marked difference on how you recover and on the results that you see.

Keep in mind that the lip filler experience and recovery can vary between individuals.
Our list of 5 handy aftercare tips can help you to ensure that you see great results from your lip filling procedure. Be sure to always follow the instructions provided to you by the professionals who perform your treatment.

Tip 1: Plan for your recovery

One of the most important aftercare tips for lip fillers is quite simple. It’s always a good idea to plan ahead when you are undergoing any sort of treatment, even a non-surgical procedure. While most cosmetic injections require minimal to no downtime, there may still be some side effects that you should anticipate. You may have some swelling, tenderness and bruising to contend with. You may want to prepare meals that’ll be easy to eat until your lips have had an opportunity to recover.

Another consideration is to plan the length of time that it takes to see your final results if you have any big upcoming events. You should allow ample time to heal and see the swelling or bruising subside before you attend an important event. For most patients, 3 weeks should be plenty of time to recovery from cosmetic injections.

Tip 2: Expect your initial fullness to subside

Even with your doctor injecting the perfect amount of lip filler, you may see results that look slightly exaggerated. This is largely due to there being some minor swelling in the days following your procedure. The results may go down after a few days. Not only will the swelling subside, but some of the lip filler may dissolve in the first few days following the procedure.

Tip 3: Stay hydrated at all times

When considering how to care for lip fillers, you should be aware that staying hydrated is a crucial part of ensuring that you get the best results. Staying hydrated is an important part of staying healthy. Dehydration can impact every part of your body, particularly your lips. Drink plenty of water and avoid activities that could lead to dehydration. Try to avoid strenuous workouts for the first 1-2 days after your procedure.

Tip 4: Avoid air travel too soon after lip filler treatment

It’s suggested that patients avoid air travel for at least 2 weeks after getting treatment. This is because air travel tends to have a dehydrating effect on travelers, and because the pressure experienced in the air can have an impact on your skin and lips.

Tip 5: Avoid smoking and alcohol use

Smoking will have a dehydrating effect on the lips, and can also lead to a number of other cosmetic and health concerns. Drinking alcohol too soon after getting your dermal fillers could exaggerate any bruising that you experience from your treatment.

To maintain your results, be sure to get your lip fillers repeated every few months, once you start noticing your lips losing plumpness.