Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat dissolving injections use substances that are naturally found in the body to combat stubborn fat cells.

What you Need to Know About Fat Dissolving Procedure

A prior consultation and assessment will be completed before the fat dissolving injection treatment. This will ensure that you are the right patient for this procedure and that it can achieve your desired goals. The treatment session is straight forward and simple. A transparent grid will be placed onto the chin, which is going to provide accuracy for a series of small injections. The number of injections that you need will vary from patient to patient, depending on the amount of submental fullness that you have underneath the chin. The procedure will only take around 20 minutes and you will feel like you are in and out of the clinic in no time.

Do Fat Dissolving Injections Hurt?

Patients are often concerned that fat dissolving injections will hurt. But, we can confirm that this treatment is well tolerated by most patients and there is minimal discomfort during the procedure. If the patient is worried a local anaesthetic cream can be used on the skin or the chin can be iced before receive the fat dissolving injections. This will have the effect of numbing the skin to dull any feeling on the injections. Most patients describe the injections as making the skin feel warm afterwards. The procedure is over quickly, which means that any discomfort the patient is in will only be temporary. Ice packs can also be used over the area afterwards if the patient is feeling uncomfortable.

What Can I Expect After Fat Dissolving Injections?

After you have completed your fat dissolving injection treatment session, it is normal to experience some swelling of the skin underneath the chin that has been treated. This should not worry you and normally this will subside by itself within 72 hours of treatment. It is a sign that the treatment is starting to work and should not be a cause of panic. There may also be some redness and warmth around the injection site. But again, this will disappear after a few hours and should now worry you. Some patients report a temporary numbness in the area that has been treated. This should wear off on its own and it is unlikely to interfere with your daily routine.

Is there Any Downtime for Fat Dissolving Injections?

There is no downtime that is associated with fat dissolving injections. Patients are free to leave the clinic as soon as they feel ready to and return to their daily routine. There is no time off work required and you can decide if you are comfortable to return, even on the same day as treatment. If you are feeling self-conscious about any swelling, you can use ice packs and return to your schedule within 24 hours.

When Will I see results from Fat Dissolving Injections?

The results of fat dissolving injections are not seen straight away. It can take a number of weeks to see the effects that this treatment has on fat cells and it does require some patients. But, the results are normally worth the wait. It can take up to six weeks to see gradual results from fat dissolving injections.

In addition, there may be more than one treatment session of fat dissolving injections required to achieve the results that you are looking for. It is normal to receive three treatments for the best results. But, a professional will advise you during your personal consultation what the best treatment plan will be for you.

Are the Results of Fat Dissolving Injections Permanent?

Yes; the results that are achieved from fat dissolving injections are permanent and can be enjoyed for many years to come. This treatment works by permanently destroying the desired fat cells underneath the chin. It is not a treatment that is used to correct loose skin. Of course, it is important to remember that weight gain can affect the results of fat dissolving injections and it is possible for new fat cells to develop again.

If you would like to find out more about fat dissolving injections and whether this is the right treatment for you, you can arrange your consultation with us today.


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