Skin Needling Dermapen 4

Encourages a youthful, refreshed look and promote elastin regrowth

Dermapen 4 FAQs

What can I expect during my skin needling session?

Dermapen 4 uses advanced micro needling technology to rejuvenate the skin. Unlike its predecessors (dermal rollers), Dermapen is an agile device with an adjustable needle head. The needle head uses an oscillating system that delivers fast fractional and virtually painless treatments. As the device moves across your skin, it causes micro damage that will activate your skin’s natural healing response. As the skin heals, it will produce more collagen, which helps refresh and rejuvenate your skin. It will also ensure that your skin can absorb topical treatments more efficiently.

Patients will normally require more than one skin needling session using Dermapen 4. The number of sessions you require will depend on your individual skin goals, which will be discussed with a medical professional during your consultation at Face and Body Adelaide. The average treatment plan includes three to six sessions spaced six weeks apart.

It is normal for patients to experience some redness after skin needling but this resolves within 12 to 24 hours. No downtime will be necessary and you can resume your normal activities straight away.

What results can I expect from my skin needling treatments?

This procedure is suitable for all skin types and tones, and both men and women can benefit from this procedure

Approximately 48 to 72 hours after your treatment, collagen production will increase. It takes at least four weeks to see noticeable results though. This new collagen will last for several years, which is why micro needling is considered a long-lasting treatment.

What areas of the body can be treated with Dermapen 4?

While the face is the area that’s most commonly rejuvenated using skin needling, the abdomen, neck, décolleté, arms and the backs of the hands can also benefit from treatments using Dermapen 4.

How often do I need to schedule a skin needling treatment?

The average patient requires at least 4 treatments to achieve their desired result but Face and Body Adelaide will assist you with a tailored treatment plan that will help you achieve your specific goals.

Are there any side effects associated with skin needling?

While Dermapen 4 is more advanced than other traditional rollers, skin needling isn’t without risk. Minor skin irritation and redness are the most common side effects of this treatment. If at any stage after your treatment you experience bleeding, severe bruising or infection, get in touch with Face and Body Adelaide at your earliest convenience.

Are there any steps that I should take to prepare for my skin needling session?

To build up your skin’s strength, it’s recommended that you use products that contain vitamin A & C. It’s also best to avoid any medications and supplements that could thin your blood for several days before your treatment to reduce the likelihood of bleeding and bruising.

How should I care for my skin after my skin needling treatment?

To enhance the results of your Dermapen 4 treatments, it’s important that you follow all of your clinician’s aftercare instructions. Some additional steps that you can take include limiting your exposure to the sun and protecting your skin with a high SPF sunscreen when you do, avoiding activities that will cause you to sweat until your skin has fully healed and keeping your skin clean with the help of a gentle cleanser. Your clinician will tell you about any product, medications and supplements that you should avoid while your skin is healing.

How is Dermapen 4 different to other rollers?

Unlike dermal roller needles that penetrate the skin vertically, the Dermapen 4 pierces the skin at an angle, which means treatments are less painful because the needles don’t tear the skin. Dermapen 4 also offers more control during treatments, which means it’s easier to treat delicate and hard to reach areas such as the nose, mouth and eyes.


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